Counterfeit Education

What is a counterfeit product?

A counterfeit product is an illegal imitation of a name brand product. Counterfeit products may look like the brand name product, but are made with inferior ingredients and are low quality. Counterfeit products are illegal to buy and sell because they infringe trademarks and copyrights and deceive consumers.

Our customers might encounter goods that look like authentic Anastasia Beverly Hills, LLC products but do not contain the same ingredients and do not work. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ proprietary ingredients are based on significant research, development, and testing.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, LLC takes pride in its lengthy research and development process. We ensure that all required safety tests are performed on our products by reputable cosmetics laboratories. Our authentic products are highly regulated and registered by national government institutions such as FDA and ICMAD.

Counterfeit products do not go through such a vigorous process because it is very costly. This is one of the reasons why counterfeit products are sold at a lower cost. Counterfeit products pose a health risk due to the fact that lower grade and untested ingredients are used.

We strongly discourage anyone from purchasing counterfeit products.

What does Anastasia Beverly Hills, LLC do to address counterfeiting?

Anastasia Beverly Hills, LLC vigorously pursues counterfeiting operations and the individuals responsible for the production, distribution and sale of the counterfeit goods.

We work with local, regional, and federal law enforcement, as well as U.S. and foreign customs officials to prevent the illegal sale and distribution of counterfeit goods. We file civil legal actions and partner with the District Attorney’s offices on criminal actions.

We regularly take down known websites and online auctions which sell counterfeit products. But because of the prolific nature of counterfeit goods online, it is impossible to ensure no counterfeit goods are available online.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, LLC is not responsible for any claims arising from counterfeit products or from purchases of products from unauthorized resellers.

Where to find official Anastasia Beverly Hills, LLC products?

Anastasia Beverly Hills, LLC does not offer its products through individuals, street vendors, flea markets, internet auctions, most independent boutiques, or unauthorized online retailers. Anastasia Beverly Hills does not sell its products at wholesale over the internet.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, LLC products can be purchased at an authorized retailer near you such as:






Beauty Brands


Frends Beauty

Naimie’s Beauty Center

Nigels Beauty Emporium

Skin Store

Urban Outfitters

Apotheca Beauty




Selfridges & Co


ICI Paris XL

Planet Parfum

Anastasia Beverly Hills, LLC products are also available online at:

Anastasia Beverly Hills flagship store on

Anastasia Beverly Hills flagship store on

If you are ever in doubt about a store or website, please email and we will confirm whether the suspicious store or website is selling authentic Anastasia Beverly Hills, LLC product.

Report Counterfeits

To report counterfeits, please email: The following information is helpful to us when trying to take action against a counterfeiter:

-Location Name and Address

-Type of Location (eBay, independent boutique, unauthorized retailer, etc.)

-Product Being Sold

-Link to suspicious online listing

-Details of any logos (the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS logo or specific designs)